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Top Baits and Lures for Trout

Trout stand out as one of the most sought-after freshwater game fish, beloved for their appeal. A diverse range of trout species exists, including brown, lake, tiger, lightning, albino, golden, cutthroat, brook, and the iconic rainbow trout. While they might not rival the battling prowess of Bass, Salmon, or Northern Pike, even the smaller pen-raised varieties compensate with their exquisite flavor.

Securing a trout catch often presents a challenge, demanding patience and finesse, whether employing a rod and reel with Ultralight Tackle or engaging in fly fishing. A primary defense of trout lies in their exceptional eyesight, granting them the ability to survey various directions simultaneously, essentially enabling panoramic vision.

Even with their remarkable visual acuity and cooler climate preferences, don't shy away from the water, as this season marks a prime time for trout fishing. If your angling ambitions lean toward trout, here are the five paramount baits and lures at your disposal, promising undeniable success:


Minijigs  .  Micro Calijerktubes  .  Minnows  .  Troutworms  .  Custom Built Kit and Assortment Packs


Insect and Minnow-Colored Minijigs:

Trout are perpetually in pursuit of sustenance and display a propensity for consuming nearly anything within their purview. Given their insatiable appetites, trout vigorously pursue minnows, crustaceans, leeches, worms, and any other viable nourishment.
Approximately 90% of a trout's dietary intake consists of insects and minnows. This inclination is attributed to their vulnerability, making them easy targets. Rather than expend energy chasing crawfish concealed beneath rocks, trout luxuriate in calm waters, savoring airborne flies, ants, and beetles. Our Custom Minijigs ingeniously emulate this natural fare, harmonizing with the prevalent environmental context, a concept we dub "Matching the Hatch."

Micro CaljierkTubes:

Our Micro CalijerkTubes are the quintessential synthetic enticements for trout fishing. Their design artfully mimics the appearance of a terrified baitfish, crustacean, or bug, as if they're evading a marauding predator. Given trout's astute perceptiveness, they're unlikely to overlook any movements of the Micro CalijerkTubes within the water.

Trout Minnows:

While Worms and Minijigs shine as superb baits, the exceptional allure of our assortment of natural-colored trout minnows is irreplaceable. Among the most delectable treats for trout are minnows, adored by larger specimens. Our custom minnows remain an underrated secret, but if trophy trout tantalize your ambitions, these minnows should become your preferred choice.


Trout harbor an affinity for worms as well. Employing our tailor-made troutworms as bait not only beckons trout but also garners the attention of other fish, including Bass, Bluegill, and Crappie. The optimal method for rigging our Custom Troutworms involves a pinch split shot located 3 feet from a #12 mosquito hook, with the worm centered rigged. Cast out and gradually manipulate the worm's movement while ensuring the split shot maintains contact with the lake's or river's floor.

Water Type-Specific Kits and Assortments:

Acknowledged experts and authorities within the realm of ultralight trout Fishing claim  Miniijgs as the ultimate choice for trout fishing. Its captivating color schemes and dynamic actions lure trout from considerable distances. Available in a multitude of colors and flake designs, these lures tap into trout's impeccable vision, provoking their predatory instincts. We have kits designed for clearwater, muddy water and also body of water specific based on annual activities such as insect hatches, crustaceans and fry in the water at a specific time of the seasons. When looking for the best minijig colors for trout use Ultralightheavyweights Custom minijgs found at 

Grab your Minijig Kit intoday for a chance at a remarkable trophy trout catch!


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